What is credit card pin number?


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What is credit card pin number?

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by jairo_kautzer , 5 months ago

@geoffrey A credit card PIN is a four-digit code to authenticate a purchase with your (personal identification number) PIN credit card. In general, it verifies your identity as the cardholder. You need to enter the code to complete any transaction.

When using your credit card to make a payment, you are always asked to input your PIN to verify the transaction. After entering the PIN, the payment system automatically matches it with your credentials before finalizing the transaction.

Well, this is how a bank works to ensure you and no one else authenticates all transactions initiated through your credit card. As a result, the transaction is believed to be safe and secure. If you deliberate on this aspect, you will realize that your credit card pin should be a secret to prevent unethical activities on your account.

Can You Get a PIN for Your Credit Card?

Most credit cards in the United States are known as "chip and signature" cards because they incorporate chip technology. Usually, this credit card has an extra chip technology to protect you against fraud. When using this card to make purchases, you will provide a signature instead of a personal identification number.

Some credit cards include the PIN capacity, meaning you can get a PIN for the card if it lacks one. However, you must contact your card issuer to get this added protection layer.

Are PIN Credit Cards Secure?

Thanks to the encrypted and unique code generated every time you purchase, a PIN credit card is safer than the obsolete magnetic stripe card. The good thing about this code is that it keeps your actual credit card number hidden. It also makes it hard for a third party to retrieve information from your card during a transaction.

In Conclusion

A credit card Pin is a 4-digit code that verifies the identity of a credit card holder. You must enter this PIN when completing any transaction. It is vital to keep the PIN confidential since it’s only the code that proves the identity of the credit card holder. As said earlier, never share it with anybody.