Is online shopping cheaper?

by trinity_mueller , in category: General Finance , 3 years ago

When you are trying to pinch pennies so to speak, you look for all areas to save money and this includes where you shop. Some say online shopping helps them to save money. With services like Honey and other browser add-ons, you can easily track sales. While I think this is true for clothing and other general shopping, I am not sure food options or household goods are actually cheaper. What do you think in your experience?

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6 answers

by lamar_jakubowski , 3 years ago

In my experience, yes and no. I will often find items cheaper at my local shops vs Amazon but Amazon does tend to be out bigger retail stores and chain drug stores when it comes to pricing. I find it better to just stick to cheaper local stores however, even if it isn't quite as convenient.


by mattie , 3 years ago

Most of the time, yes.

Food shopping I always prefer to do in-store. It's easier to find deals and you can use any coupons you have.

Any other shopping I do online, but I still shop around to find the best price. Google Shopping is quite helpful.


by natalie , 3 years ago

Food items are hit or miss. Most of the time you can find better prices locally and smaller chain stores, even cheaper than places like Walmart believe it or not. As for clothing, tech, and everything else.. Shopping online is not only easier but almost always cheaper because of the deals you can find and use at the click of your mouse.


by ramiro , 3 years ago

I could be, I have certainly found great deals online but I have also found even better deals in stores. I think it depends on where you shop. Places that offer close-out sections have really good deals almost every month.

by eliza.stracke , 3 years ago

I find it to be, yes. Especially when you look around for coupons, the savings can become quite substantial. I also use an app called Honey which finds promo codes for me.

Store shopping seems to be a dying trend these days.

by wilton_von , 3 years ago

In most cases, yeah. I try to shop online for just about everything and when you spend more, you tend to get free shipping as well. I started using Amazon Pantry's delivery service and have loved it. I save money on organic produce and meats.