How to find credit rating for a company?


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How to find credit rating for a company?

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by ebudoragina , 7 months ago

@tyrell Credit rating as the name suggests is a rating. It is a score that defines a company’s ability to keep up with its financial commitment based on its past records and portfolio. Thus, in simple words, the credit rating of a company is the company’s capability or worth. There are various reasons, why someone may have to look up a company’s credit rating. It could be before investing in the company or conducting dealings with the company. Multiple parameters like financial ratios, cash flows, and equity help to determine the credit rating of a company.

Here is how the standard rating goes: AAA+ stands for the best scores and CCC stands for poorest scores. So according to the grades, you can figure out the credit rating. There are three nodal agencies responsible for attributing the credit ratings to a company:

  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Moody’s
  • Fitch

Let us now come to the answer, where can you find these credit ratings? Well, the answer to that is: You can find it on three reliable platforms: Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Fame. These are reliable platforms for reference.


This is the most widely used platform to know about the credit rating of a company. The process to look up a company credit rating on Bloomberg is - you have to enter the CRPR unique code of the company and instantly, the Bloomberg interface will come up with a credit rating detail of the company. The elaborate and accurate presentation of credit rating information on this platform is the primary reason for its popularity.

Capital IQ

On this platform, you will first have to open up the company profile and then select the option to view their credit ratings score. Usually, when you will open any company profile through this platform on the right side, there will come up several options. From this list, you can choose the option to view the credit rating.


This is a new interface exclusively built for companies based in Ireland and UK. The credit rating of the company is easily visible on this platform. The best feature of this platform is that: You can also have some predictions about accompany’s insolvency. To view the credit rating score of the company choose the "Credit and CCJs" option from the menu.

A company’s credit rating score will determine whether it will be wise to invest in the company or associate with it. Use it as an important index.