How to check credit score without social security number?

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How to check credit score without social security number?

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@ozella_schumm Users have many questions regarding how social security number (SSN) is linked with a credit card and how they can check their credit score without an SSN. We shall have a detailed answer regarding all of that, but first things first:

What is Social Security Number?

Social Security Number is an identifier that most credit bureaus use to collect the users' information and verify and locate the same.

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a tiny 3-digit number having a massive implication. It can help credit berries identify and find out every detail about your credit report, including your credit status, repayment capability, and credibility for a further loan.

A credit report is a sensitive report that includes a lot of helpful information for reference by the government and the credit bureaus. The information on credit reports includes number, name, address, employment history, and social security number.

How to Check Credit Score Without Social Security Number (SSN)?

If you stay in the United States of America, you will not have a Social Security Number. Having the Social Security Number (SSN) as an identifier on the credit report is better. Still, in case you do not have a social security number, here are some ways to get a credit score without a social security number:

Through Credit Card

If you avail of a credit card from a bank or financial institution, the credit beauties can have reliable access and other accurate information about your credit history. In that case, you can quickly obtain a credit score even if you do not have an SSN. Most banks will ask for SSN when applying for a credit card. If you do not have SSN, you can always use the Taxpayer Identification Number for a credit card.

Opening a Bank Account

Banks will also provide you with detailed reports inclusive of your credit score. Opening a bank account is an excellent option to access your credit score. Banks also want SSN when opening a new account. However, if you do not have SSN, there are some other credentials, such as ITIN, Passport, and Passport. In addition, through bank statements and reports, users can check their credit scores without SSN.

Use the ITIN Number

ITIN is a government-issued taxpayer identification number that is available to all the people who pay taxes to the U.S government but are not permanent residents of the country and hence lack an SSN. Using this number, you can apply to various financial institutions such as Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax to get a detailed credit score report.

Here are the documents that you may need to obtain a credit score without SSN:

  • Copy of an address proof issued by the government
  • Banks statements
  • Utility bills
  • Individual Tax Payer Number (ITIN)
  • Other identity proofs such as passport