How to budget income in wake of the quarantine?


by sydni , in category: General Finance , 3 years ago

Is anyone else out there struggling with this like my family is?

Both my husband and son are out of work and the work I do from home is all we have coming in, it is not much. We have been tapping into our savings just to buy food and pay bills. If we are forced to carry on like this, we will end up depleting our savings which is not something we want to happen.

How can we budget ourselves during this mess?

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5 answers

by lamar_jakubowski , 3 years ago

I am still trying to figure this out. Thankfully, I got the stimulus coming in. I am a co-owner of a small restaurant and we have really taken a hit big time. I am hoping we can open up this month.


by mattie , 3 years ago

Well, your husband should have received a stimulus check to start.

Has he also filed for unemployment? That should help for the time being.

Also, plenty of companies are desperately hiring right now. Perhaps he could do something else temporarily.


by natalie , 3 years ago

It appears that it will be getting lifted in many states this week. Be sure to look into this and see how long it will be before they are both able to work. Like mentioned, applying for temporary unemployment is an option.

by hardy_langosh , 3 years ago

I am trying to figure this out myself. I have found it helps to take advantage of all the sales you can. Also, look into businesses offering breaks. My internet/cable provider didn't ask for payments for 2 months, just excused them because of the issues happening. Another was my car insurance, I was given back $150 for the last two months for not using my car.

by brock_jenkins , 3 years ago

I had some issues but because I had a savings, I didn't need to worry too much. I ended up helping my family out while they were waiting for their stimulus checks. Most people are back to work though that I know now, including myself.