How many credit cards do you have?


by sydni , in category: Credit Cards , 3 years ago

How many cards do you have in your name and do you have an outstanding debt on all of them?

I ask because the average seems to be so high for people in the US. Between my husband and I, we only have 3 credit cards and only one has debt on it that we are still paying off. This was used for auto repairs we had to get done late last year.

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5 answers


by elliott , 3 years ago

you are so lucky because usually people have 5 and more credit cards. 🤔


by mattie , 3 years ago

I have just one credit card from the bank used purely for building credit. Otherwise, I don't need it.

Actually, I'd prefer not to have it at all but it's almost essential these days.


by natalie , 3 years ago

I have 5. Of those 5, 3 of them are maxed out and I am paying them off. The other 2 are ones I use month to month to help make ends meet. I payed off 3 cards last year otherwise I'd have 8!


by ramiro , 3 years ago

Too many. I started with 3 right away after turning 18. By the time I was 22 I had 5. Now I am up to 9 and I am not even 30 years old yet. I set myself up to fail because I had no knowledge on how credit functioned.

by llewellyn.cronin , 3 years ago

I have 4 which I plan to bring down to 2 this year. I will keep one to use monthly to keep my scores balanced and the other will be for emergencies only.