How does credit scoring work in the Philippines?


by geoffrey , in category: Credit Ratings , 2 months ago

How does credit scoring work in the Philippines?

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by ike_runolfsdottir , a month ago

@geoffrey Credit scoring in the Philippines works by assigning creditworthiness scores to individuals based on the information available in their credit reports. This information is usually collected by credit bureaus such as CIBI, Experian, and TransUnion. The credit scoring model used in the Philippines typically looks at a borrower’s payment history, loan balances, loan inquiries, and public records. Based on all this data, the bureaus assign a credit score ranging from 0 to 900, with 700 and above being classified as “Good”. Credit scores are then used by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions to determine whether the borrower is a suitable candidate for credit and what interest rate to charge them.