How can I build up my credit score this year?


by ramiro , in category: Credit Ratings , 3 years ago

My numbers aren't great and it has effected me finding a new place to live. I am currently living with my brother and want to rent a home but I have been rejected twice now and I believe it is because of my scores because my background checks are clean. How can I raise my scores THIS YEAR so I can move out and rent a home by the end of summer?

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5 answers

by llewellyn.cronin , 3 years ago

If you are able to do it, try doing micropayments. I did this for a few cards and my scores went up pretty fast. The idea is to pay more frequently, so instead of once a month, 2 to 4 times a month.

by brock_jenkins , 3 years ago

Pay as much as you can as often as you can. Focus on cards that are closer to being paid off. If you have to, let larger bills slide for a few months. most credit cards don't have direct penalty charges like bank cards do.

by trever_romaguera , 3 years ago

Keep your payments steady. Don't skip out on any of your payments and be sure to pay them on time. If you can afford to make two payments a month, do so but try to focus it on two halfs, so the first week of the month and then the last week of the month.

by ophelia_rice , 3 years ago

I have been making steady payments on time for 6 months and my score has not improved so apparently this is not the case for everyone. I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.


by leslie , 3 years ago

Always pay your monthly bills on time. You can consider opening a new credit source be it in the form of a credit card, cell phone contract, or automotive lease. These will boost your scores.