Do you keep an emergency fund?

by trinity_mueller , in category: General Finance , 3 years ago

With everything going on in the world and knowing so many people are struggling right now, I wonder how many people actually have an emergency fund going. This is different from a savings in the sense that it is only to be used for emergencies like medical issues, car accidents, or if you lose your job. Do you have an emergency fund going?

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5 answers

by lamar_jakubowski , 3 years ago

I wish I could say I did. Money is still pretty tight so other thank maybe 2 grand I have in the savings, I don't have anything. I want to get one going but it is hard when you live paycheck to paycheck. I am working on it though. Once I am back to working, I will be able to start one since my wife is back working again.


by mattie , 3 years ago

I've been depositing some of my paycheck into savings for about 9 years now. Only twice I've had to dig into it.

It's very reassuring to know I have something to fall back on in case of unexpected bills or other disasters.


by jerald , 3 years ago

I have a savings. I can't tell you how much is in it, last I check it was maybe last fall and it was just over 10 grand. I am proud of having that large of a savings because I know most people don't.


by ramiro , 3 years ago

I wish I could say I did. I do have some emergency items stocked up like canned goods and water but no actual money. The curse of being in debt haunts me. I want to start working on a savings this summer. I am going to be working full time plus a partime job to help pay off some debt.

by brock_jenkins , 3 years ago

Yup! I am one of few my age that can say I do. I started saving when I was 20 and while it isn't a ton of cash, it can easily sustain me for 6 months if I suddenly had no income which to me I think is ideal. You want at least 3 months worth of savings to cover bills, food costs, and debts.