Do weekly food budgets help?


by sydni , in category: General Finance , 3 years ago

I has considered setting up a weekly food budget for my family. It is myself, my husband, our 17 year old son, and our 9 year old daughter. We also have several pets to buy food for and care for so we are becoming overwhelmed with everything being locked down from the virus outbreak. I normally just buy what we need and don't count the cost when it comes to personal goods and food but now I have to monitor everything. I am wondering if food budgets help for stuff like this?

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by elliott , 3 years ago

We had a similar issue couple of years ago and we started using excel for this and we have seen result in couple weeks. Usually, we spent around $1000 per week. Right now we are saving up to 30% which is a lot of money yearly. I know for some people this is very difficult and takes some extra time.

by trinity_mueller , 3 years ago

Yes, they can. I would try to branch out away from more expensive brands to save extra money as well. Most people recieve weekly coupons so track them and make use of them. I once managed to get $200 worth of groceries for under $70. It is well worth it to take the time out and plan ahead.

by lamar_jakubowski , 3 years ago

If you plan ahead they can. I am the type to go into a store and leave with everything other than what I intended to get so the misses doesn't let me shop for us no more. lol

This is fine though because she knows how to budget for groceries better than I do.


by mattie , 3 years ago

I have always budgeted my food shopping and it helps a great deal.

There are a few essentials which I buy no matter what. From there, I just look for deals and buy those. If that means I have to give up my favorite ham for a while, so be it.


by jerald , 3 years ago

They have helped me. Before, I was just buying whatever and I noticed that when I actually sat down and started only buying what I needed according to sales, I ended up saving over $200 a month.


by ramiro , 3 years ago

I read they do on several different sites. It is just a matter of figuring out one that works best for you. I am not sure where to start myself but I plan on setting up budgets for everything.